Cast of Characters

6 men, doubling 11 parts
4 women, doubling 7 parts


Flora Stroon and Basse: F, early 20’s
Asriel Stroon and Reb Avrom: M, early 50’s
Shaya Golub: M, early 20’s
Biele: F, late 20’s – early 30’s
Tamara and Shaya’s mother: F, early 50’s
Heyman and Rabbi: M, late 20’s – early 30’s
Nathan and Leizer Lipman: M, early 20’s 
Goldy and Zlate Lipman: F, early 20’s 
David and Cantor: M, early 20’s
Reb Tzalel and Reb Lippe: M, early 50’s or older


The tenement neighborhoods of the Lower East Side of New York and, briefly, the village of Pravly in Russia at the turn of the last century.