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Potter Artifact: Kirkus reviews the second book

The Kirkus Review of the second book in the Potter series, Harry Potter and the Chamber

of Secrets is impressive for the lightness of tone with which the book treated. Maybe the Potter books were yet to become an economic force--at least in the US--but the interest here, for me, lies in just how cursorily the book is treated.

It's also fun to note how the image of Harry has changed over the years. Here, on the cover illustration that accompanied the review, he's a cartoon character, very much a product of children's-book illustration.

Of course, the second book in the series is still a rather light tome, morally and physically, compared with later installments--it's a children's story without it's companion volumes later pretensions to seriousness or the narrative demands of Harry's growing maturity and awareness. That would change in the next book.

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