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A List of Publications.

Gregory Loselle has won four Hopwood Awards at The University of Michigan, where he earned an MFA.  He has won The Academy of American Poets Prize, the William van Wert Fiction Award from Hidden River Arts, and The Ruby Lloyd Apsey Award for Playwriting.  He was the winner of the 2009 Lorian Hemingway Short Story Competition, The Robert Frost Award of The Robert Frost Foundation, and the Rita Dove Prize for poetry (where he won both First Prize and an Honorable Mention) at Salem College.  He has won multiple awards in the Poetry Society of Michigan’s Annual Awards Competition.  His first chapbook, 

Phantom Limb, was published in 2008, and another, Our Parents Dancing, in 2010, both from Pudding House Press.  Two more, The Whole of Him Collected, and About the House, were published by Finishing Line Press in 2012 and 2013 respectively.  His short fiction has been featured in the Wordstock and Robert Olen Butler

Competition anthologies, as well as in The Saturday Evening Post, and The Metro Times of Detroit, and his poetry has appeared in The Ledge, Oberon, The Comstock Review, Rattle, The Georgetown Review, River Styx, The Spoon River Poetry Review, The Pinch, Alehouse, Poetry Nook, Sow’s Ear, and online in The Ambassador Poetry Project, among others.

Crossing to Fox Island: a reading of an award-winning poem.

Every act is first an act of faith:

One foot, slowly, lowered to the ice,

And then the other, and we stand

Above the vault the river winters under;


And look across the flat unreal expanse,

Imagination telling us we cannot stand

Where water ought to be--where water is

Beneath us.  Then we start across the ice.


Some patches, dark and flat, are panes of glass,

Like windows into night beneath our feet,

Where trapped air scatters from our steps

Reminding us that we are more like stones


Than shadows, howsoever lightly

We might cross above the shuttered flow

And tread the temporary span from land

To island.  Snow abrades the most of it:


Bright crusty scabs that crumble underfoot, 

And leave us gasping, stumbling in the space

Below the space we occupied, reminded

Of the weight above the depths below.


One inch will hold one walker, if he’s light,

And two a group, and three or four a car:

We counted out the thickness as we dressed

And count it as we walk across it now,


And onto land again, the island’s crested beach,

The trees that rise among the drifts.   And looking back

We measure out the distance, trace our tracks,

Where every act of faith was first an act.

Crossing to Fox Island, an account of walking across the frozen Detroit River from my grandparents' dock to the small island across the inner channel, won the Robert Frost Award in 2009,  It is read here at the awards ceremony in 2010 by Jarita Davis, the competition judge.  


An online article about the poem and competition is here.

Phantom Limb

Published by Puddinghouse Press, it is now available as through Google Books, and is indexed in the library collections of The University of Virginia.

Our Parents Dancing

Published by Puddinghouse Press, it is now out of print, but is indexed in the collections of The University of Virginia.

The Whole Of Him Collected

Published by Finishing Line Press, a corona sequence.  Nominated for the Pulitzer Prize, it was excerpted in Rattle, and is available from the publisher, here.

Hear  a selection read by the author, here.

About the House

Containing previously published material from the collection The Very Rich Hours, it is available from Finishing Line Press, here.


In Ordinary Time

Published by The Moonstone Press, the poems in this collection comprise the texts of song-cycles written for composers Jeffrey Nytch and Justin Rito.

Hear  Justin Rito's setting of Light Enough for Morning here.


The Very Rich Hours

My first full-length collection!  The poems in this volume recount memories of being a child in  grandparents' house, and narrate subsequent events.

Collaborations with Composers:

... and new works forthcoming!

Article from The Detroit Free Press announcing the 2009 Lorian Hemingway Award for short fiction.  Publication followed in The Saturday Evening Post, here.

An interview, also from The Saturday Evening Post, here, too!

Other Works on the Web:

Articles of Interest:

In Memoriam:

The Dramatic Publishing Company no longer carries Then Again, Maybe I Will, the play that launched my writing career.  Click the title above to see the work in Google Books.  It was a good 35 years; thanks for the royalties!

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