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A List of Publications, Readings & Announcements:
Recent News:

Three poems selected by Blue Mountain Review for The 64: the Best Poets of 2019 are now out, just in time for 2021!  Available on


Check out Laudamus, my poem--and reading!--at Rattle.


My new chapbook, Animal Fare, is now available for pre-order from Finishing Line Press.


Issue 18 of Blue Mountain Review is now out with my poem, For My Former Student Marilyn, At the Moment of Her Death.



All five of the poems I sent to Coffin Bell have been accepted for publication in their forthcoming issue!  (June 2020)

I'm very happy to announce that Finishing Line Press has accepted my new chapbook, Animal Fare, for publication later this summer!  This is my six chapbook and the third book (chapbook or full-length collection) to come out in the last twelve months.  (June 2020)


Issue 17 of Blue Mountain Review is out with my poem, First Snow. (February 2020)


Still: The Journal has just come out, with my poem Jay at the Window. (October 30, 2019)

The Raw Art Review has accepted two of my poems, Stratford, and Jessica Walking Away; and Jay at the Window for publication in its summer issue.


The Poeming Pigeon will be including my poem, The Stars from the Tennis Courts, in their forthcoming Cosmos-themed anthology.

Two poems, Jay at the Window,  and Stratford, and Jessica Walking Away, have been accepted for the coming issue of The Blue Mountain Review, and two others, long in circulation, have finally found a place there also. First Snow will appear in January, 2020, and For My Former Student Marilyn at the Moment of Her Death will appear in the Poetry Month issue in April, 2020!


Two poems, Stratford, and Jessica Walking Away and Jay at the Window, have been accepted for online publication by The Moving Force journal.


My first full-length collection, The Very Rich Hours, has been accepted for publication by The Poetry Box press.  Read more about The Very Rich Hours here.


In Ordinary Time, a chapbook of poems written for song-cycles by Jeffrey Nytch and Justin Rito, has been accepted for publication by The Moonstone Press.

My short story, Lint Dust and Hair, previously published online by Genre: Urban Arts, has been included in the Genre: Urban Arts No. 8 print edition, coming out soon.


For My Student Marilyn at the Moment of Her Death, Jay at the Windowand Stratford, and Jessica Walking Away--will be appear online as well.

I gave a reading at the WSG Gallery, Ann Arbor, May 5th, featuring new material from my chapbook, Animal Fare.  (2019)

Lint, Dust and Hair, a short story, published by Dacunha.  (March, 2019)

After-Dinner Sestina, a poem, by Up-North Lit journal (for which it was also a recent contest finalist)


Eden, a poem, in IthacaLit Journal. (April, 2019)
Eden, also placed in the Crosswinds Poetry Annual Competition. (February, 2019)
Lobster in Broth, a poem, was published January 5th in Burningword Literary Journal.  (January, 2019)
Do Not Touch the Art, a poem, will be published in Volume VIII of The New Guard in 2019.
Lint, Dust & Hair, a short story, published by Typishly Online Literary Journal.  (November, 2018)
The Stars from the Tennis Courts, a poem, featured in an online portfolio by The Alexandria Quarterly! (September, 2018)
Two new poems are out and available at local bookstores in the Poetry Society of Michigan's Peninsula Poets yearly anthology! (December, 2017)
I'll be reading at Crazy Wisdom Books, in Ann Arbor, on September 27th!
Good news! My poems On Being the Right Size and Forage have won a first place and a second place, respectively, in the Poetry Society of Michigan's Annual Competition.  (September, 2017)
Starting tomorrow, April 22nd, 2017, my poem, Heartbreak in Assisi, will be available at the Wayne Literary Review site, Wayne State University, at
I'm very flattered to be asked to join in a celebration/reading on Shakespeare's birthday, at Nicola's Books in Ann Arbor--that's April 23rd, at 2 PM--with the Poetry Society of Michigan.
Good news! Two of my poems have just been published in the anthology Water Music, by the Poetry Society of Michigan, while their contest anthology for this year, Peninsula Poets has just arrived with another two of my works. Thank you, everyone, for the support!  (November, 2016)
I'm very happy to announce that my poems Slime Mold and the Highway and The Stars from the Tennis Courts, have been accepted for publication in Water Music: The Great Lakes State Poetry Anthology, published by the Poetry Society of Michigan.  (June, 2016)
I'm very happy to announce that a work of mine has won 1st place in WSU's Tompkins Writing Awards. Further news perhaps to follow!  (March, 2016)
I have been profiled in Midwestern Gothic!  (December, 2015)
I've received the Poetry Society of Michigan's annual anthology, with three of my poems, prize winners, among the others.  (October, 2015)
I'm very happy to announce that poems of mine have placed 1st, 2nd and 2nd again in three categories of the Poetry Society of Michigan annual Poetry Competition.  (September, 2015)
Good news! Midwestern Gothic journal will be out on July 1st with my poem, Slime Mold and the Highway.
My chapbooks are now on sale at The WSG Gallery on Main St. in Ann Arbor--at long last, Art!  (May, 2015)
While I have a chance, I can also announce that the new Poetry Society of Michigan anthology, Peninsula Poets, is out, with my poem, Memorial Days.  (May, 2015)
I'm very happy to announce that my poem, Slime Mold and the Highway, (and yes, it's as strange as it sounds) has been accepted by Midwestern Gothic, a journal in Ann Arbor.  (March, 2015)
I've just had word that my new chapbook manuscript, "In Ordinary Time," has been selected as a finalist for the Susan K. Collins/Mississippi Valley Chapbook Contest, at the Midwest Writing Center in Davenport, Iowa. Wish me luck!  (December, 2014)
I just had the great thrill of seeing my work interpreted by a visual artist--and friend--Barbara Brown! My poem "Elegy for Israel Thornstein" is the text for this cube-book, on display in Ann Arbor's WSG Gallery.  (November, 2014)
Peninsula Poets, from the The Poetry Society of Michigan, is out, with my poem Eden as a winner, and two others which made Honorable Mention. The best part, though, was the very generous comment of the judge!  (November 2014)
Got the call late last night: two poems have won a first and a second in different categories of the Poetry Society of Michigan's Annual Competition, while two other ranked as honorable mentions! Thanks goes to Justin Rito for the impetus to write Supermarket Waltz with Improvised Explosive Device and 'In Baghdad.' Justin's settings of these poems can be found on SoundCloud, as part of a wonderful, longer cycle he's written.  (September, 2014)
The Poetry Society of Michigan has tapped me to judge one part of their annual Competition! Looking forward to a lot of fun reading!  (August, 2014)
This morning I received the new issue of The New Guard with my poem, "My Cat has an X-Ray"--and a very creepy cover!  (April 2014)
Reading for the Grosse Ile Book Club from "About the House" tonight at the Grosse Ile Yacht Club!  (February 7, 2014)
Good news! The new chapbook, About the House, is now available on Amazon!  (December 2013)
I'll be reading tomorrow night at Bookbound, in Ann Arbor, at 7 PM. Here's hoping to see a lot of friends there! (December 5, 2013)
Good news: I've just been informed that my work for this summer's NEH Seminar has been accepted for presentation at the Appalachian Studies Association's annual conference, this spring. I've never presented academic work before, so this is an adventure!  (November 2013)
The Comstock Review, with my poem Coyote Captured in Harlem Cemetery arrived!  (October 2013)
I'm delighted to announce that my poem Shoes in the Holocaust Museum will be published in the October edition of Poetry Nook Magazine.
A nice surprise to round out the weekend: three of my poems are featured this week on the web site of Bridle Path Press!  (September 2013)
Good news! I got a call tonight to tell me that my poetry collection, The Very Rich Hours--the "big book"--is one of ten finalists for the Many Voices Project poetry prize from New Rivers Press! Results will be announced in August.  (June 2013)

It's been brought to my attention that my first chapbook, Phantom Limb, published by Pudding House Press in 2008, is now in the Special and Rare Collections of the Ohio State University Library.  (May 2013)

The spring edition of The Georgetown Review arrived today, with two of my poems in it. Nice to see!  (May 2013)

It was fun to spend the evening with a Grosse Ile writers' group!  (April 2013)

Many, many thanks to the poet Janée Baugher for her wonderful cover blurb for the forthcoming book! I don't truly feel that I deserve this:

“With a haunting and contemplative voice, in About the House Loselle employs rhythm, word-play, and richness of language line after line. Through rhyme, narrative constructs, and repetition, he crafts poems that are admirably controlled and precise, and reminds us that what William Carlos Williams writes is true: “A poem is a... machine made out of words.” Loselle’s beautifully spun poems continue to reverberate long after the last light’s been switched off.”


– Janée J. Baugher, author of The Body’s Physics and Coördinates of Yes

I'm very happy to report that my poem, Coyote Captured in Harlem Cemetery, has been selected for The Comstock Review's annual anthology.  (March 2013)

As it happens, I have more good news. I've just received word that two of my poems, Elegy for Israel Thornstein and The Stars from the Tennis Courts, were finalists in the Georgetown Review Poetry Competition.  (February 2013)

I'm very happy to announce that my new chapbook, About the House, has been accepted for publication, and will be available in the coming months from Finishing Line Press, which published my last chapbook, last January.(February 2013)

I am happy to announce that my poem, A String, A Frame, A Tail has won Second Prize in the Literal Latté Poetry Awards. The piece is about flying kites with my grandfather.  (January 2013)


Some good news, this week: two poems of mine placed in the finals of The Marr Poetry Prize Competition. No prize for that, but it's nice to be listed among the finalists.  (December 2012)


I'm even happier than I was a day ago to share the news that The Georgetown Review has written again to accept a second poem of mine, The Stars from the Tennis Courts, for their 2013 issue. I believe this is the first time I'll have had multiple poems in one journal.  (November 2012)

I'm very happy to announce that my poem, Elegy for Israel Thornstein has been accepted for publication in The Georgetown Review!  (November 2012)

It's now official, so I can announce that my poem, My Cat has an X-Ray has been published in the current issue of The New Guard.  (August 2012)

The new book is in!  I’ve just received the first printed copies of my chapbook, The Whole of Him Collected. It’s also for sale on Amazon and the website of the publisher, Finishing Line Press.  (January 2012)


On December 22nd, I gave a reading of my new chapbook, The Whole of Him Collected, in the Grosse Ile High School Library.  Thanks to the many who came, and thanks to all for donations to support our media center!  (December 2011)

I've just gotten word that my poem Semi-Private Room earned an Honorable Mention in the New Millennium Writings competition, and will be published in their anthology in January!  (October 2011)

The Poetry Society of Michigan's yearly anthology, Peninsula Poets, is out, with my poem, The Theft of the Pears.  (October 2011)

Mark your calendars! Formal announcements will be forthcoming, but I'm letting on now that I'll be giving a reading of my chapbook, The Whole of Him Collected as a benefit for the Grosse Ile High School Library on December 22nd at 7:30 PM.  For those interested, the book can be ordered here:  (October 2011)


I'm very happy to announce that my poem The Theft of the Pears has been accepted by the journal The River Styx, and will appear in its forthcoming issue in 2012.  (October 2011)

Those interested may also pick up a copy of my chapbook, The Whole of Him Collected, at NewReleasesandForthcomingTitles.htm,thereby earning my eternal gratitude.  Thanks!  (October 2011)

The news is in--the poems that won the Poetry Society of Michigan Contest were Triolets at Mid-Morning (First Place in the Family Friends & Children Division of the competition), Stratford, and Jessica Walking Away (Second Place in the Love Poem Division) and The Theft of the Pears (Third Place in the Food Division).  Many thanks!  (September 2011)

I’ve recently received a check—and nothing more!— from the Poetry Society of Michigan.  It seems that three of my poems have placed first, second and third respectively in different categories of the competition, of which I recently judged another category.  More to come when I find out which poems I sent in!  (August 2011)

I have a review of The Whole of Him Collected.  Publicity marches on....  (August 2011)

Check out the press release for my new chapbook, The Whole of Him Collected here.  Publicity and advance sales start on August 16th!  (August 2011)

Just completed judging for the Poetry Society of Michigan’s annual contest, in the category of poems about Michigan.  Fun--and thought-provoking reading!  (August 2011)

I’ve just received my contributor’s copies of Enizagam, with two of my poems.  Thanks!  (August 2011)

Advance sales for the new chapbook, The Whole of Him Collected, are set to begin August 16th!  (August 2011)

Composer Justin Rito has graciously sent me the score of his song cycle, Light Enough for Morning. The piece sets to music for soprano and piano half a dozen of my poems, and can be heard here on YouTube. (July 2011)

I’ve been asked to serve as a judge in this year’s Poetry Society of Michigan Poetry Competition.  Looking forward to it!  (July, 2011)

My contributor’s copy of Issue 33 of The Ledge, with my poem, A Paint-Crate of Photographs has just arrived!  The poem is part of my newly re-edited collection, The Very Rich Hours.  (June 2011)

The cover for the upcoming issue of Enizagam, which will include my two poems, A String, A Frame, A Tail, and Coyote Captured in Harlem Cemetery, has been sent to me--how nice to see the cover--and love it--even before you see the rest of the issue!  Thanks!  (June 2011)

I’ve just been informed that my poems reached the finals of the Atlanta Review’s International Poetry Competition.  Onward to next year, I suppose!  (June 2010)

Two new poems, A String, A Frame, A Tail, and Coyote Captured in Harlem Cemetery have been accepted for publication by Enizagam, a literary journal published in Oakland, California.  A String, A Frame, A Tail is the twenty-eighth poem from my collection, The Very Rich Hours, to appear in print.  (May, 2011)


Inkwell, from Manhattanville College, has just arrived, containing my poem, The Mystery of the Linen Closet.  (May 2011)

I’ve just been informed by Finishing Line Press that the publication date of my forthcoming chapbook, The Whole of Him Collected, will be November 18th, 2011!  (May 2011)

Light Enough for Morning, a song cycle by my former student Justin Rito, composed to a group of poems I wrote this summer and fall, debuted at Central Michigan on April 17th as part of Justin’s Master’s degree recital. I’m very excited for him, and look forward to hearing the work!  (April 2011)


I am very happy to announce that my chapbook, The Whole of Him Collected, has been accepted for publication by Finishing Line Press. (March 2011)


The Mystery of the Linen Closet, part of my newly re-edited book of poems, The Very Rich Hours, has been accepted for the Spring issue of Inkwell.  (February 2011)


The Winter 2011 edition of The Ambassador Poetry Project is out, with my poem Oracle.  (December 2010)

I’ve just been informed that my poem The Mystery of the Linen Closet, part of my book-length manuscript, The Very Rich Hours, is among 25 poems designated as finalists in the Sow's Ear Poetry Review's annual poetry contest.  The results will be announced in January.  Here’s to good luck!   (December 2010)

The winners of The 2010 Poetry Society of Michigan Competition have been published in anthology, Peninsula Poets.  My poems, Infarction and Walking Through the Empty House won a second and a third place, respectively, in different divisions of the contest.  (December 2010)


A Paint-Crate of Photographs, another of The Very Rich Hours poems, has been accepted for publication in The Ledge, after winning Honorable Mention in that journal’s annual poetry contest.  (November 2010)

Rondeaux de Chambre: Barbara’s Room, one of the poems in my manuscript The Very Rich Hours, has been awarded Most Highly Commended status in the Margaret Reid Prize for Formal Verse competition.  This is the thirteenth poem in that book to be published or to win an award.  (October 2010)

I’ve just gotten a call to tell me that The Theft of the Pears, a poem I wrote this summer, has placed as a runner-up in the Robert Frost Foundation’s Robert Frost Prize for Poetry.  Crossing to Fox Island, another poem of mine, won this award last year..  (October 2010)


Two poems, Infarction and Walking Through the Empty House have won a second and a third place, respectively, in different divisions of the 2010 Poetry Society of Michigan Contest.  (September 2010)


Visitors to the Sunday Service, a poem which has previously won The 2010 Rita Dove Poetry Prize from the Salem College International Literary Awards, has been accepted by the literary journal Oberon, for publication in either the current or coming issue.  (August 2010)


I’ve just received news that the anthology of winners and runners-up from The 2009 Robert Olen Butler Fiction Prize sponsored by Del Sol Press, in which my story Buried Dinner was a finalist, is in the final stages of production.   (July 2010)

My poem, Oracle, has been accepted for online publication in the December issue of The Ambassador Poetry Project, an online journal of writers and writing about the greater Detroit/Windsor area, where I’ve had several other poems appear.    Oracle is the twelfth poem from the manuscript of my collection The Very Rich Hours to make it into print.  (June, 2010)

Visitors to the Sunday Service, a poem, has just won The 2010 Rita Dove Poetry Prize from the Salem College International Literary Awards, while The Fortune-Tellers, another poem (and one from my collection The Very Rich Hours), won an Honorable Mention.  (April, 2010)

The spring issue of The Pinch, with my poem Shelling in the Philippines, World War II is out.  It won the 2009 Pinch Literary Award for poetry last April.  (April, 2010)

A finalist in The Sow’s Ear Poetry Competition, my poem Microscopy has been published by The Sow’s Ear Poetry Review.  Many thanks for the suggestions of the editors, which strengthened the poem!  (March 2010)

The Saturday Evening Post has published my story Lazarus, previously the winner of The Lorian Hemingway Short Fiction Competition, online.  (February 2010)

I’m very happy to announce that my new chapbook, Our Parents Dancing, is now in print from Pudding House Press!  (February, 2010)

The Saturday Evening Post, including my story Lazarus, is now on newsstands.  (January 2010)

The new issue of Poets & Writers Magazine is out.  I’m listed there among contest winners for the Lorian Hemingway Short Story Competition.  (January, 2010)


Jean Hartig’s Poets & Writers Magazine blog entry is out!  Read it here.  (December 2009)


Because I’ve had the good fortune to win several writing contests this year, I was recently interviewed for a blog entry at the Poets & Writers Magazine website, about writing for literary competitions.  (December 2009)

My poem Microscopy has made it to the finals of The Sow’s Ear Poetry Competition!  (November 209)

The new issue of Rattle is out, with one of the sonnets from my corona sequence, The Whole of Him Collected.  (November 2009)

The Poetry Society of Michigan has announced the results of their annual contest.  My poems Visitors to the Sunday Service, Musical Heritage, and a sonnet from the corona sequence The Whole of Him Collected have placed 1st, 2nd and 3rd respectively in three different categories.  (October 2009)

I’ve received a call from The Robert Frost Foundation, informing me that my poem, Crossing to Fox Island, has won the 2009 Robert Frost Poetry Award.  Another poem, Walking the Dog on the Milky Way, was also on the short list!  (October 2009)

The Spoon River Poetry Review has accepted my poem, The Boat-Hoist De Profundis for publication.  It’s the eighth poem from the new collection, The Very Rich Hours, to see print.  (August 2009)

The publicity for The Lorian Hemingway Short Story Competition has been an overwhelming experience!  The news story is available online, at the moment, at The Chicago Tribune, The Baltimore Sun, The New York Daily NewsThe Miami Herald and Orlando Sentinel, and other papers.  The Detroit News and The Detroit Free Press have run articles online, as has the The Free Press’ print edition.  I have also been interviewed live on WWJ Radio here in Detroit.  I am deeply grateful for all of the kind wishes I’ve received!  (August, 2009)


My short story Lazarus has won The 2009 Lorian Hemingway Short Story Competition.  Aside from winning the prize, the story may also be published in the January/February edition of The Saturday Evening Post!  (July, 2009)

Walking the Dog on the Milky Way, my poem, (which seems very popular these days!) has been selected for publication in the 2010 edition of Alehouse.  It’s now in the finals of Alehouse’s Happy Hour Poetry Competition.  (July 2009)

My short story, Buried Dinner, has been awarded an honorable mention in the New Millenium Writings Awards, and will appear in a forthcoming issue of New Millenium Writings.  (July, 2009)

Three--yes, three!--poems of mine (Crossing to Fox IslandWalking the Dog on the Milky Way, and The Living Room at Night) have been accepted for the inaugural issue of The Ambassador Poetry Project, a web publication focusing on the Detroit-Windsor area.  It will launch in September.  (July, 2009)

I’ve just been informed that I’m mentioned as a finalist of the 2009 Robert Olen Butler Prize in the ROB Prize entry on Wikipedia. Interesting!  (July, 2009)

One of a group of sonnets--a corona sequence I wrote last summer titled The Whole of Him Collected--has been accepted by Rattle, a literary journal.  It’ll be out in December. (June, 2009)

My short story Buried Dinner has placed as a finalist in The 2009 Robert Olen Butler Short Fiction Competition.  It will be anthologized with the winner and other finalists in a book forthcoming from Del Sol Press.  (May, 2009)

I’ve just received news that my poem Shelling in the Philippines, World War II has won The Pinch Literary Award, from The Pinch at the University of Memphis.  (April, 2009)

Many, many thanks to Tim Monaghan, editor of The Ledge for nominating me and my poem, The Phantom Limb, for the Best New Poets 2009 anthology of Meridian Press.  (April, 2009)

Two competitions--The 2009 Robert Olen Butler Short Fiction Competition, and the fiction competition at Writecorner Press--have recently contacted me with the news that two of my short stories are finalists!  (April,2009) 

While I haven’t won, poetry and short fiction of mine have received Honorable Mention and First-Runner-Up status respectively in the University of New Orleans Writing Contest for Study Abroad.  I’m the only writer to place in two categories! (April, 2009)

Phantom Limb, a chapbook of early work, was published by Pudding House Press.
In Vidia,a short story, won Hidden River's William Van Wert Fiction Award.
New York Tines, a play, is the winner of The Ruby Lloyd Apsey Award for Playwriting at the University of Alabama-Birmingham, where it has its premiere in August.  (August, 1987)
Then Again, Maybe I Will, a play, is published by The Dramatic Publishing Company.  (December, 1981)
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